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5 <title>Game of Trees (Got): Goals</title>
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11 <h2>
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13 <i>Game of Trees</i></a>
14 Goals
15 </h2>
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19 Current goal:
20 <br>
21 Work with a handful of developers who want to regularly use Got for their
22 work on OpenBSD. Improve version control operation based on their feedback.
24 <h3>Project guidelines</h3>
25 <ul>
26 <li>
27 Follow <a href="">OpenBSD</a>'s security practices
28 and coding style.
29 <ul>
30 <li>Use a development process based on code review in email.
31 <li>Consistently use
32 <a href="">pledge(2)</a> and
33 <a href="">unveil(2)</a> across the code base.
34 <li>Use privilege-separation when parsing repository data from network or disk.
35 </ul>
36 <li>
37 Keep the entire code base BSD-licenced.
38 </ul>
40 <p>
41 <h3>Long-term goals</h3>
42 <ul>
43 <li>
44 Remain on-disk compatible with bare
45 <a href="">Git</a> repositories.
46 <ul>
47 <li>Don't bother with Git-compatibility beyond this requirement.
48 </ul>
49 <li>Provide a complete version control tool suite for OpenBSD.
50 <ul>
51 <li>Intuitive command line interface for required version control operations
52 (<a href="got.1.html">got</a>).
53 <li>Interactive repository browser for history analysis and review of
54 committed changes (<a href="tog.1.html">tog</a>).
55 <li>CGI script repository browser for web servers.
56 <li>Repository administration tooling with a strong focus on backup and recovery.
57 <li>Repository server for hosting a central repository and synchronizing
58 changes to a cascade of public and private mirrors.
59 </ul>
60 <li>
61 Consider workflow requirements of OpenBSD developers.
62 <ul>
63 <li>Strong built-in support for a centralized repository model.
64 <li>Keep things easy for developers who don't need branches.
65 <li>Support local branches for developers who need them.
66 <li>Support &quot;-stable&quot; release branches.
67 <li>Support features required by the OpenBSD project's build infrastructure.
68 </ul>
69 <li>Implement authenticated and encrypted network communications.
70 <ul>
71 <li>Provide <a href="">SSH</a> and optional
72 <a href="">TLS</a> support for cloning repositories
73 and pulling changes.
74 <li>Exclusively rely on SSH for pushing changes.
75 <li>Do not implement any support for plaintext network communications.
76 </ul>
77 </ul>