1 This is a collection of diff algorithms, to test various combinations.
3 The initial aim was to provide a faster diff implementation for got
4 ( with a BSD license, at the u2k20 OpenBSD hackathon.
5 A side effect could be improving OpenBSD's /usr/bin/diff utility.
7 At the time of writing, this is little more than a playground / benchmark basis
8 / diff algorithm analysis platform. What could be done:
9 - add profiling and test series to rate diff algorithm combinations.
10 - interface with / merge into got.
12 The Myers and Patience Diff algorithm implementations found here are based on
13 the explanations found in these blog post series:
14 ff.
15 and
16 ff.
17 -- possibly the single most comprehensive explanations of these algorithms.
18 Many thanks for this valuable door opener!
19 The source code itself is not based on the code found in those blogs, but
20 written from scratch with the knowledge gained.
22 Compile:
23 make -C diff
25 Test:
26 make -C test/