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7 <title>GOT.CONF(5)</title>
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10 Copyright (c) 2020 Stefan Sperling <>
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25 <div class="head" role="doc-pageheader" aria-label="Manual header
26 line"><span class="head-ltitle">GOT.CONF(5)</span> <span class="head-vol">File
27 Formats Manual</span> <span class="head-rtitle">GOT.CONF(5)</span></div>
28 <main class="manual-text">
29 <section class="Sh">
30 <h2 class="Sh" id="NAME"><a class="permalink" href="#NAME">NAME</a></h2>
31 <p class="Pp"><code class="Nm">got.conf</code> &#x2014;
32 <span class="Nd" role="doc-subtitle">Game of Trees configuration
33 file</span></p>
34 </section>
35 <section class="Sh">
36 <h2 class="Sh" id="DESCRIPTION"><a class="permalink" href="#DESCRIPTION">DESCRIPTION</a></h2>
37 <p class="Pp"><code class="Nm">got.conf</code> is the run-time configuration
38 file for <a class="Xr" aria-label="got, section 1">got(1)</a>.</p>
39 <p class="Pp"><code class="Nm">got.conf</code> may be present in the root
40 directory of a Git repository for repository-wide settings, or in the
41 <span class="Pa">.got</span> meta-data directory of a work tree to override
42 repository-wide settings for <a class="Xr" aria-label="got, section
43 1">got(1)</a> commands executed within this work tree.</p>
44 <p class="Pp">The file format is line-based, with one configuration directive
45 per line. Any lines beginning with a &#x2018;#&#x2019; are treated as
46 comments and ignored.</p>
47 <p class="Pp">The available configuration directives are as follows:</p>
48 <dl class="Bl-tag">
49 <dt id="author"><a class="permalink" href="#author"><code class="Ic">author</code></a>
50 &#x201C;Real Name &lt;email address&gt;&#x201D;</dt>
51 <dd>Configure the author's name and email address for <code class="Cm">got
52 commit</code> and <code class="Cm">got import</code> when operating on
53 this repository. Author information specified here overrides the
54 <code class="Ev">GOT_AUTHOR</code> environment variable.
55 <p class="Pp">Because <a class="Xr" aria-label="git, section 1">git(1)</a>
56 may fail to parse commits without an email address in author data,
57 <a class="Xr" aria-label="got, section 1">got(1)</a> attempts to reject
58 author information with a missing email address.</p>
59 </dd>
60 <dt id="signer_id"><a class="permalink" href="#signer_id"><code class="Ic">signer_id</code></a>
61 <span class="Pa">signer-id</span></dt>
62 <dd>Configure a <var class="Ar">signer-id</var> to sign tag objects. This key
63 will be used to sign all tag objects unless overridden by
64 <code class="Cm">got tag</code> <code class="Fl">-s</code>
65 <var class="Ar">signer-id</var>.
66 <p class="Pp">For SSH-based signatures, <var class="Ar">signer-id</var> is
67 the path to a file which may refer to either a private SSH key, or a
68 public SSH key with the private half available via
69 <a class="Xr" aria-label="ssh-agent, section 1">ssh-agent(1)</a>.</p>
70 </dd>
71 <dt id="allowed_signers"><a class="permalink" href="#allowed_signers"><code class="Ic">allowed_signers</code></a>
72 <span class="Pa">path</span></dt>
73 <dd>Configure a <var class="Ar">path</var> to the &quot;allowed signers&quot;
74 file which contains a list of trusted SSH signer identities. The file will
75 be passed to <a class="Xr" aria-label="ssh-keygen, section
76 1">ssh-keygen(1)</a> during verification of SSH-based signatures with
77 <code class="Cm">got tag</code> <code class="Fl">-V</code>. The format of
78 the &quot;allowed signers&quot; file is documented in the ALLOWED SIGNERS
79 section of <a class="Xr" aria-label="ssh-keygen, section
80 1">ssh-keygen(1)</a>.
81 <p class="Pp">Verification of SSH-based signatures is impossible unless the
82 <code class="Ic">allowed_signers</code> option is set in
83 <code class="Nm">got.conf</code>.</p>
84 </dd>
85 <dt id="revoked_signers"><a class="permalink" href="#revoked_signers"><code class="Ic">revoked_signers</code></a>
86 <span class="Pa">path</span></dt>
87 <dd>Configure a <var class="Ar">path</var> to the optional &quot;revoked
88 signers&quot; file, which contains a list of revoked SSH signer
89 identities. This file is passed to <a class="Xr" aria-label="ssh-keygen,
90 section 1">ssh-keygen(1)</a> during signature verification with
91 <code class="Cm">got tag</code> <code class="Fl">-V</code>. Revoked
92 identities are no longer considered trustworthy and verification of
93 relevant signatures will fail.</dd>
94 <dt id="remote"><a class="permalink" href="#remote"><code class="Ic">remote</code></a>
95 <var class="Ar">name</var> {...}</dt>
96 <dd>Define a remote repository. The specified <var class="Ar">name</var> can
97 be used to refer to the remote repository on the command line of
98 <code class="Cm">got fetch</code> and <code class="Cm">got send</code>.
99 <p class="Pp">When repositories are shared between multiple users on the
100 system, it is recommended that users configure their trusted remote
101 repositories in each of their work-trees'
102 <code class="Nm">got.conf</code> files, overriding corresponding
103 repository-wide settings. This can avoid potentially undesirable
104 connections to remote repositories placed into the shared repository's
105 <code class="Nm">got.conf</code> file by other users.</p>
106 <p class="Pp">Information about a repository is declared in a block of
107 options enclosed in curly brackets:</p>
108 <dl class="Bl-tag">
109 <dt id="server"><a class="permalink" href="#server"><code class="Ic">server</code></a>
110 <var class="Ar">hostname</var></dt>
111 <dd>Defines the hostname to use for contacting the remote repository's
112 server.</dd>
113 <dt id="repository"><a class="permalink" href="#repository"><code class="Ic">repository</code></a>
114 <var class="Ar">path</var></dt>
115 <dd>Defines the path to the repository on the remote repository's
116 server.</dd>
117 <dt id="protocol"><a class="permalink" href="#protocol"><code class="Ic">protocol</code></a>
118 <var class="Ar">scheme</var></dt>
119 <dd>Defines the protocol to use for communicating with the remote
120 repository's server.
121 <p class="Pp">The following protocol schemes are supported:</p>
122 <dl class="Bl-tag">
123 <dt>git</dt>
124 <dd>The Git protocol as implemented by the
125 <a class="Xr" aria-label="git-daemon, section 1">git-daemon(1)</a>
126 server. Use of this protocol is discouraged since it supports
127 neither authentication nor encryption.</dd>
128 <dt>ssh</dt>
129 <dd>The Git protocol wrapped in an authenticated and encrypted
130 <a class="Xr" aria-label="ssh, section 1">ssh(1)</a> tunnel. With
131 this protocol the hostname may contain an embedded username for
132 <a class="Xr" aria-label="ssh, section 1">ssh(1)</a> to use:
133 <a class="Mt" href="mailto:user@hostname">user@hostname</a></dd>
134 <dt>http</dt>
135 <dd>The &#x201C;smart&#x201D; Git HTTP protocol. Not compatible with
136 servers using the &#x201C;dumb&#x201D; Git HTTP protocol.
137 <p class="Pp">The &#x201C;smart&#x201D; Git HTTP protocol is
138 supported by <code class="Cm">got clone</code> and
139 <code class="Cm">got fetch</code>, but not by
140 <code class="Cm">got send</code>. To send from a repository
141 cloned over HTTP, add a <code class="Ic">send</code> block (see
142 below) to ensure that the &#x201C;ssh://&#x201D; protocol will
143 be used by <code class="Cm">got send</code>.</p>
144 <p class="Pp">Use of this protocol is discouraged since it supports
145 neither authentication nor encryption.</p>
146 </dd>
147 <dt>https</dt>
148 <dd>The &#x201C;smart&#x201D; Git HTTP protocol wrapped in
149 SSL/TLS.</dd>
150 </dl>
151 </dd>
152 <dt id="port"><a class="permalink" href="#port"><code class="Ic">port</code></a>
153 <var class="Ar">port</var></dt>
154 <dd>Defines the port to use for connecting to the remote repository's
155 server. The <var class="Ar">port</var> can be specified by number or
156 name. The port name to number mappings are found in the file
157 <span class="Pa">/etc/services</span>; see
158 <a class="Xr" aria-label="services, section 5">services(5)</a> for
159 details. If not specified, the default port of the specified
160 <code class="Cm">protocol</code> will be used.</dd>
161 <dt id="branch"><a class="permalink" href="#branch"><code class="Ic">branch</code></a>
162 {<var class="Ar">branch ...</var>}</dt>
163 <dd>Specify one or more branches which <code class="Cm">got fetch</code>
164 and <code class="Cm">got send</code> should fetch from and send to the
165 remote repository by default. The list of branches specified here can
166 be overridden at the <code class="Cm">got fetch</code> and
167 <code class="Cm">got send</code> command lines with the
168 <code class="Fl">-b</code> option.</dd>
169 <dt id="fetch_all_branches"><a class="permalink" href="#fetch_all_branches"><code class="Ic">fetch_all_branches</code></a>
170 <var class="Ar">yes</var> | <var class="Ar">no</var></dt>
171 <dd>This option controls whether <code class="Cm">got fetch</code> will
172 fetch all branches from the remote repository by default. If enabled,
173 this behaviour can be overridden at the <code class="Cm">got
174 fetch</code> command line with the <code class="Fl">-b</code> option,
175 and any <code class="Cm">branch</code> configuration settings for this
176 remote repository will be ignored.</dd>
177 <dt id="reference"><a class="permalink" href="#reference"><code class="Ic">reference</code></a>
178 {<var class="Ar">reference ...</var>}</dt>
179 <dd>Specify one or more arbitrary references which <code class="Cm">got
180 fetch</code> should fetch by default, in addition to the branches and
181 tags that will be fetched. The list of references specified here can
182 be overridden at the <code class="Cm">got fetch</code> command line
183 with the <code class="Fl">-R</code> option. <code class="Cm">got
184 fetch</code> will refuse to fetch references from the remote
185 repository's &#x201C;refs/remotes/&#x201D; or
186 &#x201C;refs/got/&#x201D; namespace. In any case, references in the
187 &#x201C;refs/tags/&#x201D; namespace will always be fetched and mapped
188 directly to local references in the same namespace.</dd>
189 <dt id="mirror_references"><a class="permalink" href="#mirror_references"><code class="Ic">mirror_references</code></a>
190 <var class="Ar">yes</var> | <var class="Ar">no</var></dt>
191 <dd>This option controls the behaviour of <code class="Cm">got
192 fetch</code> when updating references.
193 <a class="permalink" href="#Enabling"><b class="Sy" id="Enabling">Enabling
194 this option can lead to the loss of local commits.</b></a> Maintaining
195 custom changes in a mirror repository is therefore discouraged.
196 <p class="Pp">If this option is not specified or set to
197 <var class="Ar">no</var>, <code class="Cm">got fetch</code> will map
198 references of the remote repository into the local repository's
199 &#x201C;refs/remotes/&#x201D; namespace.</p>
200 <p class="Pp">If this option is set to <var class="Ar">yes</var>, all
201 branches in the &#x201C;refs/heads/&#x201D; namespace will be
202 updated directly to match the corresponding branches in the remote
203 repository.</p>
204 </dd>
205 <dt id="fetch"><a class="permalink" href="#fetch"><code class="Ic">fetch</code></a>
206 {...}</dt>
207 <dd>An optional <code class="Ic">fetch</code> block may contain any of the
208 following configuration settings for use by <code class="Cm">got
209 fetch</code>, overriding corresponding settings in the containing
210 <code class="Ic">remote</code> <var class="Ar">name</var> {...} block.
211 <ul class="Bl-bullet">
212 <li id="server~2"><a class="permalink" href="#server~2"><code class="Ic">server</code></a>
213 <var class="Ar">hostname</var></li>
214 <li id="repository~2"><a class="permalink" href="#repository~2"><code class="Ic">repository</code></a>
215 <var class="Ar">path</var></li>
216 <li id="protocol~2"><a class="permalink" href="#protocol~2"><code class="Ic">protocol</code></a>
217 <var class="Ar">scheme</var></li>
218 <li id="port~2"><a class="permalink" href="#port~2"><code class="Ic">port</code></a>
219 <var class="Ar">port</var></li>
220 <li id="branch~2"><a class="permalink" href="#branch~2"><code class="Ic">branch</code></a>
221 {<var class="Ar">branch ...</var>}</li>
222 </ul>
223 </dd>
224 <dt id="send"><a class="permalink" href="#send"><code class="Ic">send</code></a>
225 {...}</dt>
226 <dd>An optional <code class="Ic">send</code> block may contain any of the
227 following configuration settings for use by <code class="Cm">got
228 send</code>, overriding corresponding settings in the containing
229 <code class="Ic">remote</code> <var class="Ar">name</var> {...} block.
230 <ul class="Bl-bullet">
231 <li id="server~3"><a class="permalink" href="#server~3"><code class="Ic">server</code></a>
232 <var class="Ar">hostname</var></li>
233 <li id="repository~3"><a class="permalink" href="#repository~3"><code class="Ic">repository</code></a>
234 <var class="Ar">path</var></li>
235 <li id="protocol~3"><a class="permalink" href="#protocol~3"><code class="Ic">protocol</code></a>
236 <var class="Ar">scheme</var></li>
237 <li id="port~3"><a class="permalink" href="#port~3"><code class="Ic">port</code></a>
238 <var class="Ar">port</var></li>
239 <li id="branch~3"><a class="permalink" href="#branch~3"><code class="Ic">branch</code></a>
240 {<var class="Ar">branch ...</var>}</li>
241 </ul>
242 </dd>
243 </dl>
244 </dd>
245 </dl>
246 </section>
247 <section class="Sh">
248 <h2 class="Sh" id="FILES"><a class="permalink" href="#FILES">FILES</a></h2>
249 <dl class="Bl-tag Bl-compact">
250 <dt><span class="Pa">got.conf</span></dt>
251 <dd>If present, <code class="Nm">got.conf</code> located in the root directory
252 of a Git repository supersedes any relevant settings in Git's
253 <span class="Pa">config</span> file.
254 <p class="Pp"></p>
255 </dd>
256 <dt><span class="Pa">.got/got.conf</span></dt>
257 <dd>If present, <code class="Nm">got.conf</code> located in the
258 <span class="Pa">.got</span> meta-data directory of a
259 <a class="Xr" aria-label="got, section 1">got(1)</a> work tree supersedes
260 any relevant settings in the repository's <code class="Nm">got.conf</code>
261 configuration file and Git's <span class="Pa">config</span> file.</dd>
262 </dl>
263 </section>
264 <section class="Sh">
265 <h2 class="Sh" id="EXAMPLES"><a class="permalink" href="#EXAMPLES">EXAMPLES</a></h2>
266 <p class="Pp">Configure author information:</p>
267 <div class="Bd Pp Bd-indent Li">
268 <pre>author &quot;Flan Hacker &lt;;&quot;</pre>
269 </div>
270 <p class="Pp">Remote repository specification for the Game of Trees
271 repository:</p>
272 <div class="Bd Pp Bd-indent Li">
273 <pre>remote &quot;origin&quot; {
274 server
275 protocol ssh
276 repository got
277 branch { &quot;main&quot; }
278 }</pre>
279 </div>
280 <p class="Pp">Mirror the <span class="Ux">OpenBSD</span> src repository from
281 Github:</p>
282 <div class="Bd Pp Bd-indent Li">
283 <pre>remote &quot;origin&quot; {
284 repository &quot;openbsd/src&quot;
285 server
286 protocol git+ssh
287 mirror_references yes
288 }</pre>
289 </div>
290 <p class="Pp">Fetch changes via the Git protocol and send changes via the SSH
291 protocol:</p>
292 <div class="Bd Pp Bd-indent Li">
293 <pre>remote &quot;origin&quot; {
294 repository my_repo
295 server
296 protocol git
297 send {
298 server
299 protocol ssh
301 }</pre>
302 </div>
303 </section>
304 <section class="Sh">
305 <h2 class="Sh" id="SEE_ALSO"><a class="permalink" href="#SEE_ALSO">SEE
306 ALSO</a></h2>
307 <p class="Pp"><a class="Xr" aria-label="got, section 1">got(1)</a>,
308 <a class="Xr" aria-label="git-repository, section 5">git-repository(5)</a>,
309 <a class="Xr" aria-label="got-worktree, section 5">got-worktree(5)</a></p>
310 </section>
311 <section class="Sh">
312 <h2 class="Sh" id="CAVEATS"><a class="permalink" href="#CAVEATS">CAVEATS</a></h2>
313 <p class="Pp"><code class="Nm">got.conf</code> offers no way to configure the
314 editor spawned by <code class="Cm">got commit</code>, <code class="Cm">got
315 histedit</code>, <code class="Cm">got import</code>, or <code class="Cm">got
316 tag</code>. This is deliberate and prevents potential arbitrary command
317 execution as another user when repositories or work trees are shared between
318 users. Users should set their <code class="Ev">VISUAL</code> or
319 <code class="Ev">EDITOR</code> environment variables instead.</p>
320 </section>
321 </main>
322 <div class="foot" role="doc-pagefooter" aria-label="Manual footer
323 line"><span class="foot-left"></span><span class="foot-date">June 3,
324 2024</span> <span class="foot-os">OpenBSD 7.5</span></div>
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