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17 Manual Pages
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20 Manual pages installed by the <tt>got</tt> package:
21 <ul>
22 <li><a href="got.1.html">got</a> &mdash; Game of Trees
23 <li><a href="gotadmin.1.html">gotadmin</a> &mdash; Game of Trees repository administration
24 <li><a href="tog.1.html">tog</a> &mdash; Git repository browser
25 <li><a href="got.conf.5.html">got.conf</a> &mdash; Game of Trees configuration file
26 <li><a href="got-worktree.5.html">got-worktree</a> &mdash; Got work tree format
27 <li><a href="git-repository.5.html">git-repository</a> &mdash; Git repository format
28 </ul>
29 Manual pages installed by the <tt>gotwebd</tt> package:
30 <ul>
31 <li><a href="gotwebd.conf.5.html">gotwebd.conf</a> &mdash; gotwebd configuration file
32 <li><a href="gotwebd.8.html">gotwebd</a> &mdash; Game of Trees Git FastCGI repository server for web browsers
33 </ul>
34 Manual pages installed by the <tt>gotd</tt> package:
35 <ul>
36 <li><a href="gotd.conf.5.html">gotd.conf</a> &mdash; gotd configuration file
37 <li><a href="gotd.8.html">gotd</a> &mdash; Game of Trees Daemon
38 <li><a href="gotctl.8.html">gotctl</a> &mdash; control the Game of Trees Daemon
39 <li><a href="gotsh.1.html">gotsh</a> &mdash; Game of Trees Shell
40 </ul>
41 </body>
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