Game of Trees Source Code

Source code for released versions is available in the releases directory.

The Game of Trees Git repository can be cloned from via SSH:

git clone ssh://

If the got(1) utility is already installed it can be used instead of Git to clone the repository and check out a work tree:

got clone ssh://
got checkout got.git

Source code of the -portable version and be cloned with:

git clone ssh://

The SSH public key fingerprints of are:

1024 SHA256:aDX3rrQNDfIA5lyXIbynY+goiomgR4Cdx5j4qmWq26I (DSA)
256 SHA256:kmeRVbw2BLak1iZJIv6/AkNhGqW97WIu58SeH8kUfls (ECDSA)
256 SHA256:jvQMQNSKE+p7roYA3Tl8/giZyOUqL7emXS+lJT7KMQ4 (ED25519)
3072 SHA256:q/CWVAukwojxNL3srvWhfHZX00t+eO1IhmnwFAEhE6o (RSA)

Alternatively, the got.git and got-portable.git repositories can be cloned from one of the available mirrors.

Web interfaces for browsing are also available:

Clones of the Game of Trees Git repository are also available at:

Clones of the -portable Git repository are also available at: