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move horizontal separator down for better grouping

move our request for -portable patches further up

move mention of other ports to end of section and clarify what is different about them

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s/GoT/Game of Trees/

list all currently known system-specific packages of got-portable inspired by discussion with grey, who wrote the macports build script

portable: release 0.70

portable: clarify where to send patches Encourage people to send patches for -portable to the mailing list.

portable: release 0.69

portable: fix typo

portable: add a link to latest release

portable: mention supported OSes and update HTML With the -portable 0.68 release, mention which OSes are now officially supported, and whilst here update some missing HTML tags.

add missing <head>, <body>, and/or <html> tags

show how Got's own repository can be cloned with got(1) if already installed

clarify which operating systems our release installation instructions apply to

portable: mention Github read-only clone Mention that got-portable has a read-only clone on Github, used for CI purposes.

publish got-portable 0.60 Publish the first version of -portable.

link to got-portable repository mirrors

add a page for the portable version