portable: README: mention libtls dependencies

portable: README: mention jot's removal Upstream has now moved from jot -> seq.

portable: README: installation of gitwrapper Document the installation and packaging of gitwrapper for -portable

portable: linux: add libmd On some systems libmd isn't explicitly implied, so detect this via pkg-config at configure time. Problem reported by @stsp

portable: READMEs: update linux -> portable The default branch in -portable has changed from linux -> portable, and so the documentation needs updating as well.

portable: update READMEs

portable: add missing header checks Some code in compat/ has #defines which were not being checked for in, which could have lead to compilation failures were those files to be included on systems which needed them. In doing so, we can now remove libmd and libcrypto as these are no longer needed.

portable: CI/README: update for coreutils Mention that GNU coreutils is no longer required on *BSDs to run the test suite.

portable: README (TODO): mention compat/ auditing

portable: clarify release instructions

portable: use a release variable for tarballs When creating a release tarball, use a GOT_RELEASE variable to determine the version of the release.

portable: add repo version to main string When compiling got-portable from source, outside of an official release tarball, it's often helpful to know which commit the binary was built from, especially for diagnostic purposes. This adds an extra hook to AC_INIT to derive whether -portable is being built in-tree or via a release tarball.

portable: update READMEs with release info Document how to release a new `-portable` version.

portable: explain how to sync/update -portable Add a section to the README files explaining how -portable is maintained.

portable: README: mention shortlog format When writing -portable patches, mention the format of the commit's shortlog.

Revert "portable: ci: add libtls/libressl" Remove libtls/libressl as TLS isn't going to be supported in gotweb any time soon. This reverts commit 5ae325ebc8cde2d9c3810d385f9111597345d597.

portable: ci: add libtls/libressl Needed for TLS in gotwebd.

portable: mention libevent dependency This is now required to run gotwebd.

portable: regress: harden coreutils check When running tests on non-Linux systems, it was just assumed that GNU coreutils had been installed. This meant that the wrapper commands for date/ln on those systems always had gdate and gln installed. Rather than assume that, check to see if the GNU coreutils versions as present, and if not echo a warning.

portable: add libbsd to README This adds libbsd to the README files to indicate a core dependency. Originally from Ashish SHUKLA.

portable: README: clarify jot for regress When running the tests under Linux, jot(1) can be found in the athena-jot package.

portable: add support for DragonFlyBSD This adds support for DragonFlyBSD.

portable: update README Mention which operating systems are supported.

README: mention bison as a required component Although will for the presence of bison, the READMEs didn't say that was a required program. Patch from Carlos Torres

portable: fix READMEs Remove conflict markers in README, and add mailing-list link to both READMEs. Noticed by stsp