add chirpysoft repository mirror

remove references to from the web site

Please the HTML validator, and perform some other minor markup tweaks.

add gotd mirror

add Lucas' gotwebd mirror

remove noise from repository links for web browers

move more source code repository links from portable.html to code.html

metion 'got clone' above the list of mirrors; easily missed otherwise

add tokyo mirror

add my mirror

add -portable URLs for main and mirrors

Protocol is always SSH and this is unlikely to change. No need to mention it.

add Lucas' mirror

update jamsek sync interval

add gotd mirrors to code.html as discussed on irc ok stsp@

Hide public URLs for https:// and git:// access from git.g.o These will stop working at some point, don't rely on them.

publish url and ssh pubkeys of the anonymous gotd mirror

link to from code.html

add missing <head>, <body>, and/or <html> tags

show how Got's own repository can be cloned with got(1) if already installed

format the list of mirrors as a proper list

link to repository mirror

remove full-stop

link codeberg

cmdbox + wording tweak