portable: update .gitignore

portable: gotd: enable got-notify-http

portable: enable got-notify-email Now that gotd has the start of helpers, got-notify-email is the first. This is still behind the --enable-gotd flag.

portable: gitignore: add gitwrapper

portable: enable gotctl (via --enable-gotd) This builds gotctl, for the moment via --enable-gotd

portable: build gotsh when --enable-gotd passed When building gotd, also build gotsh.

portable: enable compiling gotd This enables gotd -- for now, this is opt-in at compile-time, via: ./configure --enable-gotd

portable: enable cvg

portable: configure: use config.h So that the command-line flags to CC don't get drowned out with copious -D flags, move this detection to config.h instead. Note that to reduce the code churn, the existing include/got_compat.h header file has been renamed, and the generated file replaces it, but with the contents of the original header file included. Eventually, we might want to move some od the logic in include/got_compat2.h into AH_VERBATIM() blocks, but for now, this is a good compromise.

portable: template: use as a subproject Move template into its own subproject as it's only needed at compile-time and shouldn't be installed. This needs compiling with the host compiler which is configurable via HOSTCC and HOSTCLFAG environment variables. This diff largely from op@ but additional tweaking from myself.

portable: gotwebd: use template This updates -portable's gotwebd instance to make use of the new templating engine.

portable: update gitignore for gotwebd Add gotwebd and parse.c which are compiled/generated and should not be tracked.

repopulate .gitignore, revert 78c05fa Probably due to a rebase, 78c05fa ended up truncating most of the portable .gitignore. Reinstate it with some small tweaks and add got-read-patch while here.

Ignore tags files OK stsp

regress: enable tests Enable the compilation and execution of the tests under regress/

portable: propagate AM_CFLAGS/AM_CPPFLAGS Allow for warnings via AM_CFLAGS in a common Makefile, and let those values propagate to all other Makefiles. Currently the more useful checks are disabled until upstream changes are made to reduce warnings. While here, also fix the version string to remove quotes.

Ignore tags files OK stsp

make ignore patterns work with 'got status' ok thomas.adam

portable: update .gitignore Add .orig to gitgnore.

regress: port cmdline tests This commit introduces the 'make tests' target which will run the cmdline/* tests.

enable gotadmin Add gotadmin to, etc., so it can be built and installed. OK thomas.adam

portable: initial Linux compilation This commit modifies the GoT main branch to be able to compile it under linux.

blame css

display asctime_r

tell git to ignore obj directories