portable: compile gotd unconditionally For some time now, gotd was only ever available if one used the --enable-gotd flag to configure. This was fine back when gotd was still under development -- but it's now very usable, and deserves to be enabled by default.

portable: add regress/ to dist tarball Ship the tests with the release tarballs. There's still work to do in making these tests work across the supported -portable platforms

portable: update dist configuration When running 'make dist', ensure we automatically pass through the relevant configure options so that the relevant files are included.

portable: add --enable-cvg flag Just while cvg is being developed, mask the building of this via a flag to ./configure -- this is not intended to be used by any packagers, but rather, provide a means for developers for testing. This flag will go away once cvg is considered releasable.

portable: don't yet build cvg cvg is still under development, and not ready to be installed yet.

portable: release 0.92

portable: gotd/gitwrapper: update for libs Bring gotd and gitwrapper closer to how libraries are detected.

portable: enable gotctl (via --enable-gotd) This builds gotctl, for the moment via --enable-gotd

portable: build gotsh when --enable-gotd passed When building gotd, also build gotsh.

portable: enable compiling gotd This enables gotd -- for now, this is opt-in at compile-time, via: ./configure --enable-gotd

portable: enable cvg

portable: add object_qid.c to regress

portable: regress: enable tog tests This enables running of the tog regress tests. Note that this is enabled before regress-cmdline, as regress-cmdline takes a while.

portable: linux: add libmd On some systems libmd isn't explicitly implied, so detect this via pkg-config at configure time. Problem reported by @stsp

portable: regress: imply compat When building tests, compat needs to be built. Do this prior to running any tests. This ensures tests can be run from a clean tree. Furthermore, add got_compat.h to all test headers. This wasn't necessary before as this was implicitly being included, but now isn't.

portable: add LICENCE util/ to dist Update EXTRA_DIST to include these two files.

portable: update Makefiles sha1.c -> hash.c

portable: gotwebd: use template This updates -portable's gotwebd instance to make use of the new templating engine.

portable: support infrastructure for gotd/gotsh Provide the ability for -portable to continue to compile, until such time that gotd and gotsh have been enabled in -portable.

portable: sort makefile source lines For all key files in use, sort the files so that they're more easily identifiable -- especially when adding/removing source files.

portable: fix tests

portable: regress: order lib files For those tests which rely on compilation files, order them alphabetically so it's easier when having to change the makefile stanzas.

move got_gotconfig_read() into new file read_gotconfig_privsep.c

move code for reading Git's config file into new file read_gitconfig_privsep.c The end goal here is to remove the dependency of repository.c on privsep.c during compilation.

move functions which open objects into new file object_open_privsep.c For the future, this will make it possible to provide alternative implementations of functions now stored in object_open_privsep.c. This will probably be needed by future gotd(8) which runs inside a chroot(2) environment and without the "exec" pledge(2) promise, making it impossible to run libexec helpers on the fly. Details of this design are not yet settled, but moving functions into a separate compilation unit won't hurt in any case.