portable: release 0.101

revert changes in that slipped accidentally

sync manual pages

publish got 0.101

sync gotwebd.8's description line

portable: update for 0.100 release

sync manual pages

publish got 0.100

link to commit notifications mailing list

update ubuntu package link

seems the nixos package URL has changed

add chirpysoft repository mirror

sync man pages

gentoo/guru and liguros packages have been removed, remove links

link to chimera package

close </a> tag correctly

portable: release 0.99

publish got 0.99

the FreeBSD port has switched to the portable version

remove references to from the web site

typo fix; spotted by grey

portable: release 0.98.2

portable: release 0.98.1 Fixes a missing header file.

portable: release 0.98

portable: update link to NetBSD's cvsweb devel/got switched to -portable and devel/got-portable was removed.