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       <p id="callout">
       <a href="releases/CHANGES">Game of Trees 0.85</a> released March 7, 2023
-      <a href="releases/portable/CHANGELOG">Game of Trees -portable 0.84.1</a> released February 24, 2023
+      <a href="releases/portable/CHANGELOG">Game of Trees -portable 0.85</a> released March 8, 2023
 Game of Trees (Got) is a version control system which prioritizes ease
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-<strong>Latest Release:  </strong><a href="releases/portable/got-portable-0.84.1.tar.gz">0.84.1</a>
+<strong>Latest Release:  </strong><a href="releases/portable/got-portable-0.85.tar.gz">0.85</a>
 <br />
 <a href="releases/portable/CHANGELOG">Changelog</a>
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 All changes are on top of the versioned changes listed in CHANGES.
+# got-portable 0.85 (2023-03-08)
+* Changes from got-0.85.
+There's been a tonne of -portable-specific changes in this release which aim
+to make portability easier across the supported systems.  In particular,
+there's been a lot of header cleanups, and now that -portable is using
+config.h, this has allowed dependencies to be split out, so that ncurses is
+only linked where required (tog).  This should allow for multipacking where
+There have also been some great improvements to regress (which is the test
+suite) to remove GNU-specific wrappers for date(1), sed(1), ln(1).
+There's too many commits to list here, but for the specifics, see the
+differences between '0.84.1..0.85'.
+Thanks in particular to Christian "naddy" Weisgerber for his help with this
+work, and this -portable release.
 # got-portable 0.84.1 (2023-02-24)
 This is a bug-fix -portable release to address the following:
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