Commit Diff

commit - 1c234fa46acdcfdfe5da7858fe8958ec0a09aaa7
commit + 3f7ec816e916db9f4c429fe58385f2973e8469b0
blob - 8f5ea9d445a91a77562dbeca45be758eb456f89b
blob + 315e1a87fcdabc08e120a04b1e4668398440e3ce
--- gotwebd/gotwebd.conf.5
+++ gotwebd/gotwebd.conf.5
@@ -136,7 +136,7 @@ Set to zero to show all the repositories without pagin
 Set the path to the directory which contains Git repositories that
 the server should publish.
 Defaults to
-.Pa /run/gotweb.sock
+.Pa /got/public
 under the chroot.
 .It Ic respect_exportok Ar on | off
 Set whether to display the repository only if it contains the magic