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--- install.html
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@@ -73,6 +73,35 @@ export GOT_AUTHOR='Flan Hacker <flan_hacker@openbsd
+On OpenBSD -current, and OpenBSD 7.3 release or later, the
+Game of Trees Git repository server can be installed with:
+<pre class="cmdbox">
+pkg_add gotd
+Alternatively, the -server subpackage of the port can be built:
+<pre class="cmdbox">
+cd /usr/ports/devel/got
+env SUBPACKAGE=-server make
+env SUBPACKAGE=-server doas make install
+The server installation includes:
+<li>The <tt>gotd</tt> daemon
+<li>The <tt>gotsh</tt> network-facing frontend for the daemon
+<li>The <tt>gotctl</tt> control utility
+Setup instructions are provided in the
+<a href="gotd.8.html">gotd</a>,
+<a href="gotsh.1.html">gotsh</a>, and
+<a href="gotd.conf.5.html">gotd.conf</a> manual pages.
 The repository web frontend <tt>gotwebd</tt> can likewise be
 installed from packages:
@@ -80,7 +109,7 @@ installed from packages:
 pkg_add gotwebd
-Alternatively the -webd subpackage of the port can be built:
+Alternatively, the -webd subpackage of the port can be built:
 <pre class="cmdbox">
 cd /usr/ports/devel/got
 env SUBPACKAGE=-webd make
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--- manual.html
+++ manual.html
@@ -31,8 +31,7 @@ Manual pages installed by the <tt>gotwebd</tt> package
 <li><a href="gotwebd.conf.5.html">gotwebd.conf</a> &mdash; gotwebd configuration file
 <li><a href="gotwebd.8.html">gotwebd</a> &mdash; Game of Trees Git FastCGI repository server for web browsers
-Manual pages for <tt>gotd</tt> and <tt>gotsh</tt> (still WIP, and only
-available when building from source code, not yet installed by a package):
+Manual pages installed by the <tt>gotd</tt> package:
 <li><a href="gotd.conf.5.html">gotd.conf</a> &mdash; gotd configuration file
 <li><a href="gotd.8.html">gotd</a> &mdash; Game of Trees Daemon