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commit - 061818ed2da4b5870849593e4e9d87c70bc77821
commit + 70723a85eea5bb4abef11331da00690d0ad29721
blob - 9cefe6e7779507fef4b3ff0692ed274ede7d67a1
blob + abac24280b788394e25875c0c14a54e59ea20eb3
--- gotwebd.8.html
+++ gotwebd.8.html
@@ -38,7 +38,9 @@
 <table class="Nm">
     <td><code class="Nm">gotwebd</code></td>
-    <td></td>
+    <td>[<code class="Fl">-dnv</code>] [<code class="Fl">-D</code>
+      <var class="Ar">macro=value</var>] [<code class="Fl">-f</code>
+      <var class="Ar">file</var>]</td>
@@ -48,6 +50,24 @@
     can display the contents of Git repositories via a web browser. The program
     has been designed to work out of the box with the
     <a class="Xr" aria-label="httpd, section 8">httpd(8)</a> web server.</p>
+<p class="Pp"><code class="Nm">gotwebd</code> provides the following
+  options:</p>
+<dl class="Bl-tag">
+  <dt id="d"><a class="permalink" href="#d"><code class="Fl">-d</code></a></dt>
+  <dd>Do not daemonize and log to stderr.</dd>
+  <dt id="D"><a class="permalink" href="#D"><code class="Fl">-D</code></a>
+    <var class="Ar">macro=value</var></dt>
+  <dd>Override the value of a macro used in the configuration file.</dd>
+  <dt id="f"><a class="permalink" href="#f"><code class="Fl">-f</code></a>
+    <var class="Ar">file</var></dt>
+  <dd>Set the path to the configuration file. If not specified, the file
+      <span class="Pa">/etc/gotwebd.conf</span> will be used.</dd>
+  <dt id="n"><a class="permalink" href="#n"><code class="Fl">-n</code></a></dt>
+  <dd>Parse the configuration file, report errors if any, and exit.</dd>
+  <dt id="v"><a class="permalink" href="#v"><code class="Fl">-v</code></a></dt>
+  <dd>Verbose mode. Verbosity increases if this option is used multiple
+    times.</dd>
 <p class="Pp">Enabling <code class="Nm">gotwebd</code> requires the following
 <ol class="Bl-enum">
@@ -83,6 +103,9 @@
 <section class="Sh">
 <h2 class="Sh" id="FILES"><a class="permalink" href="#FILES">FILES</a></h2>
 <dl class="Bl-tag Bl-compact">
+  <dt><span class="Pa">/etc/gotwebd.conf</span></dt>
+  <dd>Default location of the <a class="Xr" aria-label="gotwebd.conf, section
+      5">gotwebd.conf(5)</a> configuration file.</dd>
   <dt><span class="Pa">/var/www/got/public/</span></dt>
   <dd>Default location for Git repositories served by
       <code class="Nm">gotwebd</code>. This location can be adjusted in the
blob - 49020bc65c1067a3145c83bfc9eff9cb379fc8dc
blob + e86159e3db09c3953bddc4481c652cf1fa9ddb4b
--- gotwebd.conf.5.html
+++ gotwebd.conf.5.html
@@ -217,9 +217,9 @@ server &quot;localhost-unix&quot; {
 <section class="Sh">
 <h2 class="Sh" id="FILES"><a class="permalink" href="#FILES">FILES</a></h2>
 <dl class="Bl-tag Bl-compact">
-  <dt><span class="Pa">/var/www/etc/gotweb.conf</span></dt>
-  <dd>Location of the <code class="Nm">gotwebd.conf</code> configuration
-    file.</dd>
+  <dt><span class="Pa">/etc/gotwebd.conf</span></dt>
+  <dd>Default location of the <code class="Nm">gotwebd.conf</code> configuration
+      file.</dd>
 <section class="Sh">