Commit Diff

commit - 917cc2e31b6dba9d6598270b07c942a1c41ffcfe
commit + b920a2b299ca76844708c217f71901f1c8d4bc23
blob - adc1a793e253541b83360e9a96a100b0dfcebe65
blob + 0e665f95953ac4cc1f0f6a97331b5de8d00fb0bc
--- got/got.1
+++ got/got.1
@@ -3936,7 +3936,19 @@ Add new files and remove obsolete files in a work tree
 .Dl $ got add sys/uvm/uvm_ubc.c
 .Dl $ got remove sys/uvm/uvm_vnode.c
+A file can be renamed or moved by removing it from its old location
+and adding it at the new location:
+.Dl $ cp oldfile.c newfile.c
+.Dl $ got remove oldfile.c
+.Dl $ got add newfile.c
+does not yet follow file history across renames, but
+.Xr git 1
+will be able to do so regardless.
 Create a new commit from local changes in a work tree directory
 with a pre-defined log message.