Commit Diff

commit - b82be0e3b087d7981f60585e6ab3905b13257356
commit + caee5476c9a132618334bc76e9e8dd53191dba1c
blob - 62186e99619de41fcad57235fa92be7bb469b236
blob + 3d9c3c7f66b53e7a9ff05d0f35b1a13690ed6e09
--- gotd/gotd.8
+++ gotd/gotd.8
@@ -78,6 +78,32 @@ is listening on.
 This path can be configured in
 .Xr gotd.conf 5 .
+Create an empty repository to be served by
+.Nm ,
+ensuring that it can only be accessed by the _gotd user:
+.Dl # mkdir -p /git/myrepo.git
+.Dl # chmod 700 /git/myrepo.git
+.Dl # chown _gotd /git/myrepo.git
+.Dl # su -m _gotd -c 'gotadmin init /git/myrepo.git'
+Add the new repository to
+.Xr gotd.conf 5
+granting read-write access to the flan_hacker user account, and
+.Nm :
+.Dl # cat >> /etc/gotd.conf <<EOF
+.Dl repository 'myrepo' {
+.Dl path '/git/myrepo.git'
+.Dl permit rw flan_hacker
+.Dl }
+.Dl EOF
+.Dl # rcctl restart gotd
+The flan_hacker user can now populate the empty repository with
+.Cm got send .
 .Xr got 1 ,
 .Xr gotsh 1 ,