CHANGES for 0.85

sync distfile list

ensure that obj/parse.h gets removed during 'make clean'

fix gotd sometimes reading reused deltas from wrong pack file The reuse-pack is pinned but may change its cache slot while objects are being deltified. Refresh the pointer to the pinned reuse-pack before writing out the pack file, ensuring that reused deltas will in fact be read from the reuse-pack and not some other pack. Otherwise gotd may send a broken pack file, or hit an ERR_RANGE condition if the pack file which now occupies the pinned-pack's old cache slot is shorter. Which can trigger attempts to read beyond end-of-file which show up in the logs like this: gotd[37311]: repo_read /var/git/got.git: sending packfile: value out of range gotd[43877]: uid 1002: value out of range gotd[43877]: uid 1002: disconnecting

add xfail test for histedit folding of delete followed by add If a file is deleted, then in modified form added again, folding should restore the file with its new contents. ok stsp

regress: replace "sed -i" with ed(1) for portable in-place editing "sed -i" is fundamentally unportable. GNU and OpenBSD sed(1) treat the extension for the backup file as an optional argument and use "sed -i" for no backup file. FreeBSD sed(1) treats the extension as an obligatory argument and uses "sed -i ''" for no backup file. There is no single syntax that works for both. ok stsp op

regress/ tweak for test_commit_prepared_logmsg no need for sed (which doesn't change anything anyway), a no-op editor script is enough; the test ensures that the prepared log message is used. ok naddy@ stsp@

regress: override locale settings ok stsp

don't pass -d to yacc Patch from Josiah Frentsos, thanks!

gotd: remove more (all?) double process names in log

gotd: Fix more double process names Patch by Josiah Frentsos, thanks!

template: sync usage() with man page `-o' was missing. Patch from Josiah Frentsos, thank you!

regress: make cmdline tests sh compatible Ensure shell scripts can run under more POSIX-restricted shells. OK op@

regress: replace unportable ln -h option with rm && ln ok stsp

guard MIN() macro against redefinition

gotd requires a config file; don't fail silently when gotd.conf cannot be read Fixes an issue encountered by mlarkin@ where the auth process was working with an empty list of repositories and kept saying it could not find a repository which was obviously listed in gotd.conf. Now we can see errors from fopen() in the logs instead. Old code was copied from gotwebd where the config file is optional.

add got_repo_get_object_format() and use it to avoid hardcoding the digest type in a few places. ok stsp@

add xfail test for "got diff" when a commit changed a file to a directory git diff: diff --git a/alpha b/alpha deleted file mode 100644 index 4a58007..0000000 --- a/alpha +++ /dev/null @@ -1 +0,0 @@ -alpha diff --git a/alpha/beta b/alpha/beta new file mode 100644 index 0000000..65b2df8 --- /dev/null +++ b/alpha/beta @@ -0,0 +1 @@ +beta got diff: diff d973bf45ce9b2b437b5d6352368e8406f9e256e2 34413d01304800f99058a1a42769e92afc534199 commit - d973bf45ce9b2b437b5d6352368e8406f9e256e2 commit + 34413d01304800f99058a1a42769e92afc534199

add missed `size' initialization for use with getline(3) ok tb@

got.1: list all options which can be used to generate a histedit script

make gotd repo_read store want/have commit IDs in ID sets rather than arrays Currently only used to detect and avoid storing duplicate IDs sent in want and have lines by the client. If in the future we ever wanted to check which IDs the client has already sent us we could now do O(1) hash table lookups rather than iterating arrays. ok op@

Apply 'histedit -e' wording tweak from James Cook, thanks!

histedit_parse_list: avoid needless free(line) getline(3) allows to safely re-use the storage. While here rename `size' to `linesize', `len' to `linelen', and properly initialize `linesize' to zero; suggested by tb@ ok tb@

in got.1, clarify what users are expected to do during 'histedit -e' Gap in the documentation pointed out by James Cook.

fall back to vi(1) instead of ed(1) if neither EDITOR nor VISUAL are set ed users are reading files with their minds rather then their eyes, and might therefore be missing important visual clues we write into files before the user gets to edit them. Use of vi(1) ensures that such clues will not be missed.