sync man pages

publish got 0.91

move back to non-spinning puffy on index.html

update link to matrix room


gotadmin init -> git init --bare ; got patch -> git apply

Please the HTML validator, and perform some other minor markup tweaks.

portable: release 0.90

git reset --hard is a closer equivalent to got revert than git checkout

fix page title

fix command markup error i made in comparison.html

fix tr tags in tables; spotted by bentley@

link to comparison.html from index.html

point directly at man page examples instead of examples.html

add a comparison page, comparing Got to CVS, SVN, and Git I have seen this being requested multiple times now. Hopefully this page will satisfy people who do not have the time to figure out the high-level differences by studying the manual pages.

sync man pages

publish got 0.90

portable: release 0.89

publish got 0.89

add gotd mirror

portable: release 0.88

publish got 0.88

portable: release 0.87

add gitwrapper man page to web site

sync man pages