portable: release 0.99

bump version number

CHANGES for 0.99

sync dist file list

make new pkt read timeout apply only to gotsh, not the client-side helpers

use polling read in got_pkt_readn() to avoid endless hangs in gotsh

fix an issue where 'git fetch' would error or hang against gotd If Git has more than 16 have-lines to send it will send a flush-pkt followed by more have-lines. Due to a misunderstanding on my part, gotd didn't like this because it assumed that the flush-pkt terminates the list. Add a test coverage in a new file which we can use to test Git interop issues. Fixes a problem seen by Thomas Adam upon git fetch from got.g.o.

add a basic gotd test which uses git clone instead of got clone

gotd_request_timeout() should use log_warnx() since errno is not used here

prevent spurious failure of gotd test_clone_basic_access_denied Filter output for a single error message to avoid spurious test failures which result from output appearing in an unexpected order: test_clone_basic_access_denied --- /tmp/gotd-test-clone_basic_access_denied-IkTXPlX5FH/stderr.expected ... +++ /tmp/gotd-test-clone_basic_access_denied-IkTXPlX5FH/stderr ... @@ -1,2 +1,2 @@ -got-fetch-pack: test-repo: Permission denied got: fetch failed +got-fetch-pack: test-repo: Permission denied test failed; leaving test data in /tmp/gotd-test-clone_basic_access_denied-IkTXPlX5FH

fix wrong function name in errno error message

attempt to fix lingering gotd processes from reading clients When reading clients close the connection early do not ignore this condition in session_read. The code removed here intended to handle the case of a writing client uploading a pack file, and thus does not belong into session_read.c. I overlooked this when splitting session.c into two files. This might fix an issue observed on got.g.o where the anonymous user was no longer connected and left lingering session_read and repo_read processes hanging around until the request timeout was reached.

ensure gotd request timeout gets armed even if no request is received

raise log level of message that is logged when a gotd request times out

got-notify-http: rename auth_user -> authenticated_user ok stsp@

add default case to the switch statement in choose_patch() Just in case the code futher up gets tweaked again such that the validity check using strchr() will be skipped in some edge case. Lucas agrees

make got stage -p behave the same way in interactive and -F modes for 'q' Lucas agrees

make gotd notifications work when 'git push' is used instead of 'got send' Git clients disconnect earlier, which resulted in session_write exiting before notifications were sent. Do not treat early EOF as a fatal error if we are sending notifications. Add regression test coverage for 'git push'. Problem found by Thomas Adam.

got: refactor choose_patch Unify the handling of a response file and interactive use, handle EOF, fix a memleak and make it easier to extend in the future. In particular, interactive mode now doesn't loop forever on EOF. Patch by Lucas Gabriel Vuotto. Joint work with op.

in gotd.conf(5) use .Sq instead of .Dv when referring to JSON field names Reads better because .Dv has no discernable effect in terminal or HTML. discussed with op@

move GOTD_ACCESS_DENIED more bits away from GOTD_ACCESS_GRANTED A similar change was made to doas(1) recently in response to rowhammer.

document common JSON notification object properties separately Document properties which are always set just once and upfront, and list the object types and type-specific properties afterwards.

in gotd.conf, fix markup of the branch-deleted notification field list This list was using -compact which was inconsistent with the lists for other notification types.

require -u option when invoking got-notify-http The authenticated username is always available so it makes little sense to treat it as an optional parameter. Suggested by op@

expose authenticated gotd user account in HTTP notifications ok op@