changes for 0.80

update gotwebd TODOs

override realinstall target in gotd's Makefile as we do elsewhere

sync dist file list

add gotd regress gotd.conf to CLEANFILES to remove it during 'make clean'

add obj/pages.c to CLEANFILES in gotwebd's Makefile

license copyright++

remove TODO items related to indexing ref-deltas

fix indexing of pack files which contain ref-deltas ok jamsek

refactor got log -d and tog diffstat to compute diff once This eliminates the previous performance cost by making 'got log -d' and tog diff view compute the diffstat while building the diff in a temp file like we do with 'got diff -d'. Also, keep the current 'got log -d' UI as per stsp's suggestion. ok stsp@

fix diff and log diffstat tests broken in 65dedee0a2cd I failed to update regress when changing the diffstat summary line in the previous commit to use a singular noun after 1. ok op@ and stsp@

update gotd TODO items

don't use plural noun after 1 in diffstat total Use singular form when appropriate; for example, turn the top into the bottom: 1 file changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-) 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-) ok op@

gotwebd: delete now unused code gotweb_escape_html and gotweb_link are now completely unused. ok jamsek

gotwebd: inline got_output_file_blob into gotweb_process_request ok jamsek

gotwebd: templateify gotweb_render_blame ok and tweak from jamsek

zap empty line

gotwebd: templateify gotweb_render_summary ok jamsek

gotwebd: bubble up got_get_repo_tags This bubbles up the call to got_get_repo_tags from gotweb_render_tags to its caller, gotweb_process_request and gotweb_render_summary. It helps simplifying gotweb_render_summary and making it easier to templateify, but also helps in untangling a bit the code. At this point gotweb_render_tags becomes just a wrapper to gotweb_render_tags_tmpl so switch completely to it. ok jamsek

gotwebd: templateify gotweb_render_branches no functional change intended. Bubble up the allocation of the reflist from gotweb_render_branches to gotweb_render_summary (its only caller) and rewrite it as a template. ok tracey@

got: style(9) and cleanup failure leaks lib/diff.c Spotted while implementing diffstat plus one introduced with diffstat code. Don't leak 'change' on got_pathlist_append() error. And don't leak modestr{1,2} and l{1,2} char pointers in diff_blobs() and got_diff_tree(), respecitvely. Regarding modestr leaks, rather than free at all error return points, use op's suggestion to lift modestr vars to function scope. ok op@

got: set error on asprintf() failure ok op@

replace malloc+memcpy with strndup. no functional change intended ok stsp@

got.1: Add example which lists recently modified branches. I use this a lot.

use just one pointer variable to keep track of a client's repo process ok op@